Welcome to InputLag.com. This site was created with one goal in mind – to accurately review and rank the Input Lag times of various monitors, TV’s and other devices which have a direct impact on your performance as a gamer.

Understanding what Input Lag really is has become so elusive and misrepresented (even by gaming companies themselves), that many people think it’s a myth, and that it has no real impact on gaming performance. Hopefully after reading our FAQ page you will understand that is simply not true.

Ask yourself, why do so many computer companies differentiate their “gaming lineup” of special monitors, mice, and keyboards? Surly it is not just for the cool RGB lighting or to charge a higher price. While I’m sure there are some companies that do this, gaming focused products are intended to provide faster response times, faster refresh rates, lower lag times and should justify spending a premium over their normal home/business products.

Be sure to check out the FAQ page, which will explain everything to the gamer who is looking for an edge over the competition, and by the end of it, you will see how decreasing input lag plays a real role in making you a better gamer.

InputLag was started in the fall of 2018 as a gaming product review site.

There are many reviews to read out there for any given product, but we hope to improve on the existing model of how things are traditionally done.

There are many different forms of reviews for which someone can choose to learn more about a product. In-depth hands on reviews, technical reviews, overviews, comparison reviews… and the list goes on.

Before long it becomes overwhelming with the amount of information you are hoping to compare in search of the best product in a category you are interested in. 

We strive to provide the most straightforward, informative and easy-to-read style reviews out there.

You will see the template for our product reviews is pretty clean – not too wordy, but giving all the most necessary bits of information to make a good selection. If you are hoping to know the absolute most, we usually include an embed to the best video review so you can see a demonstration and hands-on of the product in use. 

If you are anything like most online consumers these days (according to what the data says at least), what other consumers are saying about a product is the most important factor in determining a purchase.

If a product has thousands of 5-star reviews you will be much more inclined to purchase it when compared to something that many consumers are saying is bad at this or that.

Knowing this is how online shopping is conducted, it is why we choose to provide abundant opportunities to click through and read either Amazon or eBay reviews; the two biggest sites for online shopping. 

We currently have 3 people on the team: Josh, David, and the site admin. Be sure to check out the Author’s page for more info on our backgrounds.