BenQ GW2270 Front

The BenQ GW2270 is an affordable 21.5 inch monitor with a low blue light mode and 1080p resolution. Many customers regard it being perfect as a home and office monitor. The low blue light mode and low power backlight is for reduced eye strain and is perfect for those who want a good image quality and a simple design.

The monitor is also a reasonably priced one, and is equipped with all the important features that are required for home or business related work. It is very energy efficient and its minimalistic design saves a lot of desk space too.

Image Quality

The BenQ GW2270 gives a good contrast performance as it offers a minimum luminance level of 0.07. However, if you’re going to place it at your office, you’ll have to consider the placement and make sure bright light doesn’t hit the screen.

The image quality is very good in spite of the fact that the monitor isn’t equipped with an IPS panel. It displays a solid light color and is overall easier on the eyes. Regardless of the low price, the overall image quality is amazing.

If you won’t use the monitor for gaming purposes and just for home and office work, it will work perfectly in any condition. While not quite as good as other BenQ monitors more aimed for gamers, the GW2270 does a good job of being an entry-level console monitor – especially for it’s price point.

The screen is a 21.5 inch HD panel with contrast levels that can exceed 3000:1. The screen uniformity is also good and there is no discoloration or apparent deviance either. The image quality is not suited for gaming, but it is simple, durable, and is good for home and business applications.

Gaming Performance

This monitor is not a proper gaming monitor, as there is a 5ms input lag which is not suitable for playing real time strategy games.

However, you can play other games that are not real-time strategy ones.

There is no headphone jack or speaker and there are no extras that a gaming monitor should have.

A gaming monitor is equipped with all the features to improve the experience of the hardcore gamers and this monitor isn’t equipped with those.

Notable Features

The monitor arrives in a small box and the assembly is very simple overall. You’ll just need captive screws to fix the monitor to the stand and you’ll be done.

There is a DVI-D port and a VGA port but there is no HDMI or DisplayPorts included.

The low blue light technology of this monitor is designed particularly to filter out the harmful light and to reduce eye stress and fatigue.

There are four blue light modes which you can switch to using the OSD hot key (Web-surfing, Multimedia, reading, and office).

To improve the comfort, BenQ has eliminated flickering at all brightness levels. The display has an ability to render 16.7 million color shades at once and thus you can expect the videos and images to be crisp, clear, and colorful.

Make sure you select the unit with built-in speakers so that let you enjoy your favorite shows and games.


The BenQ GW2270 has a very simple design and is made up of plain black plastic. There are no super thin bezels or sharp angles but overall it is a smart monitor with a neat finish. There is no height adjustment offered in the stand and setting it to your ideal height gets a bit difficult. However, it has a 100 X 100 VESA mount that allows the user to attach it to different mounts. There is no chance of pivoting the display into forward or backward tilt or in portrait orientation.

The overall design of the monitor is not very flexible as it isn’t made up of hard-wearing plastic. The I/O layout isn’t that good but the control system for OSD is handy. The OSD setup menu includes six buttons which are easily accessible too. Using this quick-access OSD you can adjust the input source, brightness, full menu, and the low-blue light modes. However, there are no professional color settings that a top-notch monitor has, but there are key options that you can setup for gamma, color balance, contrast, brightness, and more.

View / Ports

BenQ GW2270 Rear

Ports on the BenQ GW2270 include: There is a DVI-D port and a VGA port but there is no HDMI or DisplayPorts included.

Final Thoughts

The BenQ GW2270 is a good and affordable option for those who are looking for average home and business tasks.

It is a good balance of functionality and simplicity and won’t spend much of your money. The contrast levels are also perfect for everyday use if you want good entertainment and productivity at your home or office.

The good thing is that, there is warranty and support provided too. There is a refund within 30 days if the product arrives at your place damaged.

Overall, it is an excellent monitor that you can get under $100 and the blue light mode feature is very beneficial for eye health.

Specifications (Overview)

Panel Type, Refresh RateVA: 60Hz (Maximum)
Color Saturation
72% NTSC
Aspect Ratio16:9
Color Depth (Number of Colors)8-bit, 16.7 million colors.
Environmental CertificationsEnergy Star 7.0
Adaptive SyncNone
Contrast Ratio3000:1
Display Surface Treatment Anti-Glare / Matte
250 cd/㎡
Viewing Angle
178° (H) / 178° (V)
Product Dimensions (WxHxD)

Product Dimensions w/ Stand (HxWxD)400.07x 505.60x 178.17
Limited Warranty
3 Year Limited

Pros 👍 

  • Very affordable.
  • Good image quality.
  • Good color / black uniformity.

Cons 👎

  • No HDR support.
  • only 60Hz, not really for gaming.
  • Speakers are extra $.

BenQ GW2270 – Final Ranking

Display Quality
Build Quality
Input Lag
Overall Value


It’s hard to beat the price on this sub $100 monitor, and for that you are getting a pretty good product. That being said, if you care about the fastest refresh-rates or input lag times using your monitor for gaming, we would not recommend this one.