LG 32GK850F Front

The LG 32GK850F offers a 32-inch high refresh-rate QHD panel, which will be enough wow many people looking for a larger 144Hz gaming monitor.

The model is missing a few of the several exclusive features found on equivalent G-Sync, 32GK850G, plus thankfully lacks the larger price tag you tend to pay for NVIDIA compatibility. It does however come with the HDR400 certification, something lacking on it’s G-Sync equivalent model.

It’s easy to see why the LG 32GK850F slots in at the top of LG’s gaming lineup. With a premium look, large screen, small bezels and subtle red accents, its clear the second you look at it that this is a serious gaming monitor.

Image Quality

It’s often assumed that at a 32” display size, a 4K resolution is needed so you can’t visibly see the pixels. While in non-gaming cases this may be accurate, when playing games or watching video, the 32GK850F’s QHD resolution looks good enough.

Since many gamers tend to prefer a higher refresh-rate over a higher resolution, the monitor fits the bill for getting the maximum performance out of your GPU and onto it’s beautiful 32″ widescreen display.

The LG 32GK850F sports a 32-inch QHD VA panel with a 2560 x 1440 resolution, so the pixel density comes in at a respectable 93 pixels per inch. This makes games and video look great, while still giving your GPU a break by not having to service so many pixels at once.

The maximum refresh rate is 144Hz on the 32GK850F, which is in line with most of LG’s best gaming monitors.

The VA panel on the 32GK850F is perfect for dark room usage, with almost no light bleed and uniform colors at a dark output. In bright rooms, it still performs excellently, giving 400 nits of brightness and a good contrast ratio of 3000:1. The latter qualifies it for HDR400 VESA standard, which is the entry-level HDR certification for displays.

This panel has been tested to have excellent color uniformity, which is a notable feature given it’s larger 32” size. Larger monitors are notorious for having poor color uniformity, so kudos to LG for going out of its way to tackle this issue.

Gaming Performance

The LG 32GK850F is another example from LG of a fantastic gaming monitor when it comes to image quality and responsiveness merged together.

This is one of the few 32” displays with HDR to support AMD’s FreeSync 2 technology. This will be the highlight feature for both AMD PC and Xbox gamer’s that are looking for their games to display the true vibrant colors they were meant too.

LG notes that the display has only 5ms of GTG (Grey to Grey) lag time, which is very responsive for a monitor this size. It’s worth noting the responsiveness lag is 5ms with FreeSync 2 turned on.

For those gamer’s not utilizing AMD FreeSync 2, there is an optional MBR (Motion Blur Reduction) mode that gets the Response-Time down to a tiny 1ms. It’s worth mentioning this feature cannot be used in conjunction with FreeSync, so user’s will have to compare to see which mode they prefer more for gaming.

Standout Features / Design

Aside from providing a FreeSync 2 gaming experience at up to 144Hz, this monitor is noted for its beautiful minimal design and tiny bezels.

The monitor is mostly finished in matte black, along with a matte finish on the screen, and a thick central stand allowing for easy swivel and tilt. The monitor is free of aggressive design, like some other gaming monitors, sporting three unilateral two-stage design found on many other LG monitors – like the LG 27UK650.

LG states the 32GK850F has programmable presets for FPS (First Person Shooter), RTS (Real Time Strategy), and other genres so the user can quickly select from different color/contrast settings depending on their preferences.

It’s worth mentioning that many reviewers from Amazon state they did not have to calibrate the monitor out of the box to a significant degree, due to the VA panel’s naively good colors and contrast.

View / Ports

LG 32GK850F Rear

Ports on the back of the monitor include two HDMI 1.4’s, a DisplayPort 1.2 and a headphone jack.


All praise aside, this model comes in on the high end for a gamer wanting maximum color saturation for a truly HDR gaming experience. Especially so for a gamer wanting to use the large 32” monitor for content other than just games.

The LG 32GK850F may be guilty of having slightly duller colors and a lower native contrast ratio when compared to an IPS panel (especially LG’s nano-IPS) – but this is exactly what a dark-room gamer is looking for. Someone who prefers even colors and no backlight bleed will absolutely prefer this over and IPS or TN panel any day.

Specifications (Overview)

Panel Type, Refresh RateVA, 144Hz (native).
Color GamutNTSC 72% (CIE1931)
Aspect Ratio16:9
Color Depth (Number of Colors)8bits, 16.7M
HDR Support
2560 x 1440
Adaptive SyncRadeon FreeSync 2
Contrast Ratio1800:1 (Min), 3000:1 (Typ.)
Display Surface Treatment 3H Anti glare coating
320 nits (Min.), 400 nits (Typ.)
Viewing Angle
No built-in speaker
Dimensions With Stand (WxHxD)28.2″ x 23.8″ x 10.7″ (Up) 28.2″ x 19.4″ x 10.7″ (Down)
Dimensions Without Stand (WxHxD) 28.2″ x 16.7″ x 2.2″
Limited Warranty
1 Year Parts and Labor

Pros 👍 

  • Great low-light performance of VA panel.
  • Fast response for being a large 32″ display.
  • Nice slim bezels – ideal for multi-monitor setup.

Cons 👎

  • Wish it had sphere backlighting.
  • Wish refresh-rate could be overclocked like G-Sync model.

LG 32GK850F – Final Ranking

Display Quality
Build Quality / Design
Input Lag
Overall Value


The LG 32GK850F 32″ 2560 x 1440 monitor is perfect for gamers wanting a large, VA panel, high-refresh monitor. Lacking the 21Hz boost and Sphere lighting on it’s G-Sync sibling monitor, it also comes with a cheaper price tag and HDR – leading many to prefer this model.