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Wondering how to achieve the ultimate movie experience and gaming adventure? Well, here is the perfect product for you. The affordable LG 32UD59, a 32-inch 4K LED-lit monitor, brings together all the great features of a gaming monitor with the usability of a traditional large monitor.

This LG monitor might just be the answer to your wants of a large 4K monitor with practicality outside of gaming. The display features, monitor controls, the 4K Ultra High Definition resolution, fantastic color accuracy, and the most useful of all, the AMD FreeSync integration, has definitely taken this product on top of the sales charts.

Being one of the most popular selling products on Amazon in the last year, we review what makes this monitor so popular and let you decide whether it would be a good for you.

Image Quality

The LG 32UD59 comes with a huge 32-inch display with a native 4K resolution, and a few picture-preset settings for choosing your preferred color mode depending on usage.

This VA panel has 4 times more pixels when compared to a Full HD monitor, so people looking at finding a good monitor for content creation will appreciate this the most.

The panel is noted for it’s performance in dark rooms, providing uniform colors and zero light bleed on black backgrounds. Gamers and computer users who deal with a lot of dark scenes and or work in a dark room tend to prefer VA panels for this feature the most.

The monitor’s features are similar to those in the filming industry in terms of effective color range. The LG 32UD59 covers up to 95% of the DCI P3 visual color space that gives you a professional picture quality. The experience is vivid enough to wow most users. While not quite able to produce colors as vivid as an IPS panel, the LG 32UD59 does a great job at producing impressive colors comparable to what older IPS panels can make.

Another feature of interest for you might be its Black Stabilizer system. Whether you are watching a dark screen image of a movie or a game whose brightness level might be too dull for you, the Black Stabilizer system makes things much clearer and visible to the eyes.

Gaming Performance

Casual as well as professional gamers would be delighted to know that the awesome AMD FreeSync technology is available in this LG monitor. This means tearing and stuttering issues developed from an asynchronization between graphic cards output and what is being shown on the display would be eventually reduced.

AMD’s FreeSync is known for synchronizing the output to the display so you have a more enjoyable gaming experience. You will enjoy long gaming hours with no interruptions and zero image response gaps, all thanks to this feature.

With an input lag time of only 5ms (in “faster” response mode), this should prove more than adequate for 60Hz gaming, since this equates to less than one frame lag out of 60 every second. This should be almost unnoticeable to most gamers.

The LG 32UD59 also consists of the Dynamic Action Sync, which creates a productive and fulfilling experience for gamers through a reduced input lag. This control results in improved image response rates for gamers, providing the comfort of a smooth gaming time, especially for RTS games.

The LG 32UD59 is compatible with the updated HDCi 2.2 copy protection technology, ensuring that users can enjoy videos through 4K streaming services, gaming consoles, as well as Ultra High Definition blue-ray disc players. The compatibility with a variety of multimedia options can be considered as another great feature.

Standout Features / Design

The LG 32UD59 as well as many other LG monitors have a well-placed joystick under the display for controlling the menu to get to all the settings. This joystick was placed there to assist in having easiest control possible over screen settings, such as the brightness adjustments, volume controls and picture modes. This caters for a quality display performance with the freedom of personal adjustments.

Multitasking is another great catch in this LG monitor. The latest updated version of the screen splitting system is installed to let you perform all your various tasks simultaneously due to the PIP (picture in picture) option, which allows users to work with up to 4 different tasks and save a huge amount of time and energy. This feature is available through LG’s software and controlled from inside Windows, so it is only available for computer users.

The innovative height adjustable system helps users install the monitor at just the required height and length, without any worry of fitting. Thus, adding more plus points to a watching, working and gaming experience.

The sleek design, along with an attractive all-matte black finish, gives the monitor a stylish and modern look.

View / Ports

LG 32UD59 Rear

Ports on the LG 32UD59 include: a DisplayPort 1.2a (HDCP 2.2) port, two HDMI 2.0 (HDCP 2.2) ports, headphone jack.


The LG 32UD59 monitor is a great product for an affordable price. LG has proven it is capable of building some of the most competitively priced monitors on the market, which come with features and specs only found on traditionally more expensive monitors.

When this monitor came out, it retailed for $500. Now it can be picked up for way less than that, which makes it one of the best monitor deals currently available for the specs you are getting.

Anyone in the market for a 4K 60Hz display can’t go wrong with getting one of these. Add in the additional features such as the low input lag time, LG’s PIP software, and FreeSync, and it’s hard to argue against getting one of these as your next all-in-one monitor.

Specifications (Overview)

Panel Type, Refresh RateVA Panel: 60 Hz (Max)
Color Gamut
DCI-P3 95%
Aspect Ratio16:9
Color Depth (Number of Colors)10bit (8bit + A-FRC)
HDR Support
UHD (3840 x 2160)
Adaptive SyncRadeon FreeSync
Contrast Ratio3000:1
Display Surface Treatment Anti glare ,3H
300 nits
Viewing Angle
178° (H) / 178° (V)
Stereo Speakers
Product Dimensions (WxHxD)28.7″ x 16.7″ x 1.8″
Product Dimensions w/ Stand (WxHxD)28.7″ x 18.0″ x 9.3″
Limited Warranty
1 Year Parts & Labor

Pros 👍 

  • Excellent price.
  • Beautiful 4K display.
  • Sleek simple matte black finish.

Cons 👎

  • No HDR support.
  • Weak Speakers
  • Low frame rate.

LG 32UD59 – Final Ranking

Display Quality
Build Quality
Input Lag
Overall Value


Those in the market for a 60Hz 4K monitor will be undoubtedly impressed with the LG 32UD59. For it’s price point being a 4K 60Hz display would sell most people; but add in the additional features such as the low input lag time, LG’s PIP software, and FreeSync, and it’s hard to argue against getting one of these as your next all-in-one monitor.