Samsung UN50NU7100 Front

When it comes to television, Samsung is a brand name which needs no introduction.

When you talk about affordable 50-inch television series, the new Samsung UN50NU7100 UHD 7 Series Smart TV tops the list. It is quite a suitable replacement for their entry-level MU6100 TV in 2018.

It has been upgraded to provide a smoother experience through the Tizen operating system. It has quite a decent picture quality along with an equally good contrast ratio.

It does, however, lack advanced features that can improve the dark room performance, like local dimming.

The input lag is also quite low, which is good for those who want to use this television primarily for gaming.

Image Quality

The Samsung UN50NU7100 UHD 7 Series Smart TV has quite a decent picture quality and native contrast ratio, though a bit lower than the usual for such a panel.

It is also not very bright, especially in HDR and so it is better to view it in a dim room.

The gray uniformity is pretty good and has minimal dirty screen effect which is ideal for sports fans.

The color gamut is limited, but has a decent color volume. As such, it performs the best in the HDR content. However, its reflection handling is superb thanks to the matte screen.

Contrast is also excellent and ideal for producing in-depth and dark scenes. 


The design of Samsung UN50NU7100 is an excellent amalgamation of different configurations.

It has the design features which are usually found in the high-end models and the legs are similar to the Q8FN (without the silver finish) and the back of the television is also identical to NU8000.

The TV stand is not just modern looking but is also quite sturdy. It is also wide enough to fit in a sound bar in the front easily. The footprints of the TV stand are 37.2″ x 10.3″. The back has a textured finish, which is similar to the one in model NU8000. Then there are the usual cable management tracks which cover the whole back area of the TV.

Moreover, the borders of the TV are quite simple, having a textured plastic finish and average thickness. The overall width of the TV, on the other hand, is about 2.24″ (5.7 cm), and if you view the TV from the side, it resembles the NU8000.

This model lacks the OneConnect mini as well; it does, however, save the hassle of where to place it when you are mounting it on the wall. On the other hand, it is not very easy to change connections as it is with OneConnect.

The TV is equipped with a very basic remote, great for simplicity. Most of the functions are covered through the buttons on the remote control, including inputs, quick access for the settings menu and there is also a picture size button that helps to control the upscaling options for the lower resolution content.

The Samsung SmartThings app can also be used as a remote, but the possibilities are however limited. Everything you need to navigate the TV can easily be used from the remote.

Smart TV Features

The Samsung UN50 NU7100 UHD 7 Series Smart TV has the same interface as the Samsung NU8000, except for the Bixby voice assistant.

The interface works well and is very simple to navigate. It is quite smooth without much lag. There are however a few glitches when you are trying to use it from an app.

Like with all Samsung TV’s there are advertisements which you cannot get rid of. The remote app is also straightforward and much more straightforward than other television apps.

Gaming Performance

Let’s be honest, if you are in the market for a TV for gaming, most are going to be using it for a lot of non-gaming as well. Therefore you want a TV that can be great at both.

Overall, the performance of this TV is quite good. It supports a standard color gamut and is suited best for viewing HDR content. The picture mode “Game” is the best way to reduce input lag, as it bypasses all additional color processing to allow for the fastest response times possible.

With an Input Lag time of only 13ms at 4k resolution, this makes the TV more than capable for serious gaming with minimal lag times. At 60 FPS, or the maximum for what the PS4 Pro can output, you are looking at less than 1 frame lag per second – which is excellent for a TV this size.

SDR content sometimes may look bleak compared to HDR since the color gamut of the TV is limited, but this is normal for many TV’s. We found the SDR colors to be more than accurate especially for general usage. When it comes to motion handling, the TV does a more than adequate job, and those who are into watching sci-fi movies, or movies with fast scenes would probably be satisfied.

The sound quality is just average, something all the more common as manufacturers try to save space on the internals of a TV. It does not have deep bass and does not produce any rumble or thump, but it does give it clear dialogues. For those who are interested in better sound should invest in soundbars or dedicated speakers.

View / Ports

Samsung UN50NU7100 Rear

Ports on the Samsung UN50NU7100 include: HDMI – 3 ports, LAN -Ethernet Input, Build In Wi-Fi, 2 USB 3.0, Digital Audio – Optical Out, and Composite / Component Video. Other connectors include RF In (Terrestrial/Cable Input): 1/1(Common Use for Terrestrial)/0
RF In (Satellite Input): 1/1(Common Use for Terrestrial)/0 Audio Return Channel Support (via HDMI port)


The Samsung UN50 NU7100 UHD 7 Series Smart TV is overall quite a decent TV for watching movies.

It is best suited for dark room viewing, and its blacks are uniform. The lack of the dimming feature can be a problem for many people though, but we found the blacks to be more than adequate and uniform.

It undoubtedly offers a strong user experience, and for its quality, structure, and performance the price tag is quite affordable.

It is the ideal choice for those who are into gaming and watching sports, and the Tizen operating system makes the possibility of connecting devices easy and straightforward, making it a great choice.

With among the lowest Input Lag time for a large 50″ display, this is a great choice for both gamers and content viewers.

Specifications (Overview)

Panel Type, Refresh RatePurColor, 60Hz
BacklightEdge Lit LED
Aspect Ratio21:9
Color Depth (Number of Colors)16.7 million
HDR SupportYes, HDR10+
4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160)
Adaptive Sync
Contrast Ratio“Essential Contrast”
Display Surface Treatment Anti-glare

Viewing Angle
2 Channel, 20W
Product Dimensions (HxWxD) 44.30″ x 25.60″ x 2.40″
Product Dimensions w/ Stand (HxWxD) 44.30″ x 28.70″ x 10.30″
Limited Warranty
Manufacturer’s Warranty – Parts: 1 year
Manufacturer’s Warranty – Labor: 1 year

Pros 👍 

  • Great price for the quality.
  • Slim TV, great for mounting.
  • Excellent low Input Lag

Cons 👎

  • Speakers are weak.
  • Samsung did not provide full specs.
  • Only 60Hz

Samsung UN50NU7100 – Final Ranking

Display Quality
Build Quality
Input Lag
Overall Value


One of the best TV’s for gaming, especially at 4K resolution, the Samsung UN50NU7100 makes for a great product when looking for the all-in-one display. With low input lag, support for beautiful HDR colors, and a relatively affordable price tag – this is a great TV for anyone.