Sceptre C248W-1920R Front

The Sceptre C248W-1920R curved 24 inch display is an affordable 75Hz monitor aimed at gamers on a budget who want some of the features only found on more expensive displays.

This is a monitor for those who want a highly-efficient screen with enhanced colors, an impressive quality contrast ratio and a stylish advanced design. Many other useful and attractive features are also part of this package.

Sceptre is geared as an entry-level and mid-range monitor maker. It’s range of highly affordable monitors introduces this as a newbie suited monitor best for those who want the immersive qualities of a curved display perfect for console gaming or PC gaming at standard refresh rates. The decent properties and great design makes it worth a try.

Image Quality

The Sceptre C248W-1920R has a modest resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. The curved LED monitor has a screen curvature of 1800R, which is a pretty standard curvature ratio for a 16:9 display. The curved monitor has good viewing angles of 178˚ (Horizontal) / 178˚ (Vertical) , which is nice since typically these are not so great on curved panels. This makes it great for a multiplayer gaming as well.

The Sceptre monitor model with a 1080p resolution offers a vibrant and detailed beautiful screen display. The color effects are not too saturated, giving a realistic touch to the screen visuals.

The Sceptre C248W-1920R 2 is one of the best options you will get in the 75Hz range. The 75Hz screen makes it perfect for console gaming, which typically maxes out at 60Hz, but does give you that extra 15Hz in case you wanted to use this monitor for PC. Definitely better than other competitors in the market for the price.

The Low Blue Light Technology built inside the system functions to meet the common concerns of eye strain that takes place because of long periods of game time. The system removes dangerous blue light effects on the screen with a warm soothing  colour to prevent eye ailments, headaches or problems related to insomnia.

The monitor display consists of a contrast ratio of  whopping 3000:1 . Very impressive for a basic display monitor. The contrast creates a perfect balance of colours onscreen; oily and deep black shades with clear and transparent white shades. This clarity and brightness of colours enhance the visual display making it look more life like.

Gaming Performance

The 5ms (GTG) response time is quite adequate for 60Hz gaming, ensuring that there is less than one frame lag out of 75 every second of gaming. For 60Hz and 75Hz modes, this is going to be practically unnoticeable.

As noted in the previous section, the refresh rate of 75Hz makes sure the work of graphics is quicker and smoother as the result eliminating all kinds of distortions that cause the screen to be stuttered or be affected by ghosting at the time of fast and rapid motion displays.

The Sceptre monitor is also supported by an easy to use OSD (On Screen Display) settings menu, giving the busters plenty of options to personalize their screen quality according to the best of their needs.

Wide viewing angles allow users to take advantage of a large edge to edge viewing capacity. Gamers can easily spot the targets and dark corners, getting a upper hand in their games.

Features / Design

The monitor is extremely easy to set up and surprisingly comes with its very own screw driver. Being static and strong in nature the driver is quality approved and makes the package more appeasing.

The monitor also includes two 2W speakers. Although they are really basic speakers that don’t sound the best, it was nice for Spectre to include them on a standard monitor.

The Sceptre monitor’s hardware quality and spare parts (such as cables and the stand) are of good quality. The setup looks strong and robust looking. No loosely attached hardware is seen that might create squeaks while twisting and turning, something adjustable monitors sometimes suffer from. The metal stand represents stiffness and strength therefore protecting the monitor and giving it a durable support system.

Consisting of several pre-set viewing modes, this feature let’s users select their most preferred set ups consisting of Cinema, photo, RTS and some others. You can then alter your visual experiences with these enhanced features to enjoy a memorable watching time.

View / Ports

Sceptre C248W-1920R Rear

The Sceptre C248W-1920R ports include:

  • HDMI Input: 1 x HDMI
  • DisplayPort Input: 1 x DisplayPort
  • VGA Input: 1 x VGA
  • PC Audio In: 1 x 3.5mm Mini-Jack for VGA audio input
  • Audio Out: 1 x 3.5mm Mini-Jack for VGA audio Output for external speaker or headphone

Final Thoughts

The Sceptre C248W-1920R Curved display is a slim elegantly designed monitor with thin bezels. The monitor is surprisingly light weight weighing only 6.37 pounds.

Now to wrap it up, all we can say that this Sceptre model is a reasonable find with many useful features. Although a lot of functions gamers want (including G-Sync and Free Sync) are missing, for the price this monitor is a steal.

All in all, the Sceptre C249W-1920R is most definitely recommended.

Specifications (Overview)

Panel Type, Refresh RateVA: 75Hz (Maximum)
Backlight Life
30,000+ Hours
Aspect Ratio16:9
Color Depth (Number of Colors)8-bit, 16.7 million colors.
Eco Saving PlusYes
1920 x 1080
Adaptive Sync
Contrast Ratio3,000:1 (Static), 20,000:1 (Dynamic)
Display Surface Treatment Anti-Glare matte
Viewing Angle
178° (H) / 178° (V)
2 ×4Ω/2W
Product Dimensions (WxHxD)
21.43” x 2.24” x 12.69”
Product Dimensions w/ Stand (WxHxD)21.43” x 7.30” x 15.64”
Limited Warranty
1 Year Parts & Labor

Pros 👍 

  • Good curved monitor for price.
  • Good monitor for Xbox and consoles.
  • Uniform colors and blacks.

Cons 👎

  • No HDR.
  • Slow wake-up speed.
  • AC Power Cord is 3Ft Long

Sceptre C248W-1920R – Final Ranking

Display Quality
Build Quality
Input Lag
Overall Value


For a monitor not costing much more than $100, the Sceptre provides good blacks and a good picture overall. For being a curved 24″ monitor, this is a great display for those interested in immersing themselves in console gaming, or wanting to have a multi-display PC setup. For the price it is highly-recommended.